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Patient refuses treatment
Ethical issues

What should I do if a patient refuses treatment that could save their life?

When a patient takes an overdose and refuses treatment, the attending FY1 doctor calls the MDU for advice.

In focus

Ethical issues

Am I self-medicating with alcohol?

One foundation doctor calls the MDU after fatigue almost leads them to make a dangerous mistake.


Time management tips for medical students

We asked medical students to share their favourite time management tips. If you feel time slipping away when you need to complete your tasks, take some inspiration.

Ethical issues

When can I work as a crowd doctor?

In this fictional scenario, one FY1 contemplates whether it’s wise to work as the crowd doctor at a sporting event.


Three children and ten years later, I qualified as a doctor

Ten years after completing her first degree, Zoe Blofeld had a big choice to make. Should she return to school to pursue her ambition?


"It’s natural to worry that our brains are somehow passed their best and that we will be unable to keep up. I’ve found that the opposite is true."

Zoe Blofeld