Final year medical students joining the NHS effort to tackle COVID-19

Some final year medical students are graduating early and starting work as foundation interim year 1 doctors (FiY1). Recent graduate from Manchester University, Sarah Allen tells us what it’s like just before entering practice.

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Woman relaxing with headphones

Health and wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

Taking a moment to consider our mental wellbeing is important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Studying at home

Studying at home – seven tips from the Synap team

The Synap team showcase their favourite digital tools and ways you can use and adapt them when studying at home.

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Advice to my student self

In 2015 when Alex was a fourth year medical student at the University of Manchester, he wrote an essay for us with advice he would give to himself as a fresher. Five years on and now as a qualified doctor, Alex still believes it’s all about pacing yourself.

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I never want anyone to ever feel like I did.

Isobel Walker, medical student


Mental health matters to medical students

More and more medical students are opening up about their personal challenges with mental health. Nottingham medical student Issy Walker shares her experience of navigating medical school with a mental health condition.

Young doctor looking out of window next to empty bed

Coping with a coroner's inquest

An MDU member shares their experience of dealing with an unexpected call to attend a coroner's inquest.

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Students on placement

Positive placements for medical students

Education fellow Mumtaz Sophia Mooncey tells us how she worked with students on placement and the multi-disciplinary team to create Project Positivity.

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Free resources from the MDU to super power your distance learning

Under the current situation you may not be able to attend study groups or lectures, but that doesn’t mean your learning needs to come to a halt. We have a number of online resources to support your revision, prepare you for exams, and help grow your knowledge in these challenging times.

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