Prescribing pitfalls and how to avoid them

We've delved into the MDU's files to find the five most common prescribing errors made by doctors – and what you can do to stay out of trouble.

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party people

Off-duty emergency

When a party-goer falls ill at a party, a final year student wonders if he should step in to help.

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child with adult

Family matters: a parental consent dilemma

A junior doctor obtains consent for a child's minor operative procedure – but have they asked the right person?

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Looking back and looking forward

With the beginning of a new year come new resolutions and ambitions for the year ahead. We asked three students to reflect on what they've learnt in 2017 and what they're most looking forward to in 2018.

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I had a feeling that I wanted something different, but I had to take a risk and figure out how to make it work.


'The best decision of my life'

Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam explains how her interest in patient safety innovation led her to pursue a different kind of medical career.

washing hands

Volunteering for global health

Global health should be everyone's concern, says fifth year student Lamia Hamidovic – who is offering up her free time to support London-based global charity, Health Poverty Action.

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group on phones

WhatsApp and patient pictures

A group chat may be a convenient way to discuss what you've seen on the wards with your peers, but you run the risk of breaching patient confidentiality.

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veins of a leaf

Why I decided to become a...vascular surgeon

Consultant vascular surgeon and associate professor in surgery at the University of Oxford, Ashok Handa, recounts what drew him to a 'very rewarding and technically challenging' profession.

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A year in pictures: MDU elective photo competition

Colour, adventure and unforgettable new experiences abound in the latest entries in the MDU's elective photo competition.

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