How do I assess a patient's capacity?

Dr Sissy Frank explains the steps to take when assessing a patient's capacity to make a decision regarding their treatment.

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ready for anything

Electives in extreme environments

An extreme elective presents a unique set of challenges – working in harsh environments, under difficult conditions, or taking on extreme feats outside of your practice. Sam Rowell from The Electives Network gives his advice on what to do before you set foot on the plane.

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giving a gift

Can I accept gifts from patients?

It's nice to feel valued for your work – but is it ever appropriate to accept gifts from patients? Dr Kathryn Leask discusses.

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A consent dilemma

Taking blood from a patient poses a consent issue for a medical student on placement. Dr Carol Chu discusses the scenario.

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Remediation must not be seen as a 'quick fix', but must include ongoing reflection and learning.


What is remediation?

You've been going through a tough period and have had concerns raised about you, leading to a university investigation. How can you prove you're taking the right steps to get back on track? Dr Christine Bradford looks at the process of remediation.

giving a statement

How to prepare a witness statement

Knowing how to write a clear, effective witness statement is an important skill to learn as a student. The key is to be well prepared, clear and thoughtful, writes Dr Beth Durrell Potter.

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signing a document

Verifying and certifying death

Junior doctors are often tasked with signing medical certificates of cause of death (MCCDs) and cremation forms, so it's a good idea to become familiar with what you'll be expected to do. Dr Kathryn Leask explains the process.

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Make the most of your shadowing placement

Getting ready for your first few days on the wards as a foundation doctor? Dr Ellie Mein offers her advice on what to look for, do and ask on your shadowing placement – so you can feel cool and confident on 1 August.

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hands typing

Get published

Want to see your name in print? Write for Notes and share your story with our community of more than 35,000 students.

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neonatal care

My elective: Maryland, USA

Dev Priya Singhvi travelled to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland to learn more about the patterns of disease in children's health in the USA.

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boy about to climb

Practice makes perfect: SJT Preparation

Are you getting ready for one of the last hurdles before your foundation year? We speak to Martin Ferguson, co-founder of SJT Preparation – a course helping final year students achieve their best possible results in the SJT.

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