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Student dilemma

I broke lockdown rules: now I'm facing a fitness to practise hearing

When a medical student breaches the COVID-19 restrictions, they find themselves called before a panel.

In focus


TV and film doctors: what they can teach us

Spoiler alert! We’re looking at the medico-legal lessons you can gain from watching the silver screen.


Attending remote fitness to practise hearings: what you need to know

If you’re called to attend a virtual hearing by your university, here’s a checklist to help you prepare.

In focus

How to talk to patients about consent

An effective exchange of information is the basis of good decision making. We explore some scenarios which illustrate the importance of dialogue in the consent process.


Why I decided to become... a helicopter rescue doctor

Dr Stephen Hearns relishes the challenge of providing critical care for seriously ill and injured patients in remote locations. He talks about the pressures, the rewards and outlines the career path for his remarkable specialty.

"My ability to perform under pressure has improved as a result of my experiences."