Feature 1

Time out - considering intercalation

MDU medico-legal adviser Judith Clark shares some thoughts on taking a year out from your medical studies to dive into another subject.

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Feature 3

Blowing the whistle - a guide to raising concerns

It might not be the easiest thing to do, but raising a concern when patient safety is at stake is your duty as a doctor. Kathryn Leask gives an overview of how to tackle this sensitive subject.

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Feature 5

Why I decided to become a clinical oncologist

Continuing our series looking at different medical specialties, Dr Sally Old talks about her route into clinical oncology.

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Feature 4

Protecting patients - anti-social media

MDU solicitor James Stevenson takes a look at how irresponsible use of social media can be damaging to patients, their families and colleagues.

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Mini essay competition - the winner!

Earlier this year we opened our mini essay competition for budding student writers. You voted for your winner from our selected shortlist and the results are in - congratulations to Amy Huxtable for her entry!

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Talk 10% and listen 90%...the patient will tell you everything you need to know if given space and trust

In focus

Advice to my student self

Given the opportunity to step back in time, what advice would our most experienced members hand down to their student selves? Dr Simon Watkin, consultant respiratory physician and MDU council member, offers some nuggets of wisdom.

Feature 8

Full of knowledge? Take our quiz on capacity

Proper assessment of a patient's capacity is important for lots of reasons and in many different situations. How ready are you to take on this challenge?

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Feature 11

An honest approach - the art of saying sorry

Being upfront with patients and offering a proper apology when necessary can go a long way with unhappy patients, as Dr Mike Devlin explains.

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Feature 10

Where to turn - guidance on guidance

Knowing where to look for the right information when you need it can make a big difference to your studies and your future career. Dr Kathryn Leask points you in the right direction.

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Feature 2

Thinking about ethics

Dr Helen Manson explains why the ethical aspects of medicine are just as important as the clinical ones on the path to becoming a 'complete' doctor.

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Elderly patient and relative

Protecting patient information

A patient's relative complained that a student had breached their duty of confidentiality.

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