Image of meningitis virus

Understanding the importance of meningitis diagnosis

Meningitis might be rare, but lessons can be learned from the medico-legal issues surrounding its diagnosis

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Image of meerkats

Sharpen up on chaperones

Chaperones help to keep an eye on intimate examinations, but do you know the principles of using them? Test yourself in our quiz

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Ball maze

Testing times - understanding the SJT

Successfully negotiating the SJT can be a deciding factor in whether you get allocated your first choice on the foundation programme. Dr Nikki Lennard takes you through what to expect and how to prepare effectively

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Life ring underwater

The MLA-Team - an introduction to medico-legal advisers

Dr Catherine Wills explains how MLAs can help during your time as a medical student and beyond

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A very social problem

The use - and misuse - of social media can have unfortunate repercussions for medical students

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It's important to keep an open mind when trying to decide which career path to take.

Dr Ellie Mein


Why I decided to become an ophthalmologist

Dr Ellie Mein gives an eye-opening account of her route into ophthalmology and what inspired her to study this fascinating area of medicine


Mini essay competition

Enter our mini essay competition to win up to £200 in gift vouchers!

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Coloured sticky notes

Notes on notes - advice on writing good medical records

Getting into the habit of keeping clear, accurate records will serve you well in the future

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Confession booth

To tell or not to tell?

What to disclose in a fitness to practise declaration

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Engine throttle on slow

Advice to my student self

Given the opportunity to step back in time, what advice would our most experienced members hand down to their student selves? Paul Riordan-Eva, ophthalmologist and the MDU's Vice Chairman and Vice President of Council, offers some nuggets of wisdom

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Hands over eyes

I know that patient!

Confidentiality issues can arise - often unexpectedly - in many different situations

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Applying yourself - successful CV writing for successful applications

A good medical CV can make you stand out from the crowd and help land you the job you really want, so it's worth getting yours as good as it can be

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Snapping pencil lead

Under pressure - surviving student stress

Dealing with stress during your studies can be stressful in itself, but help and support are available to students who are feeling the strain on their mental health

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