It's about who you know...

A medical student discovers someone she knows is set to be a patient at her clinical placement – raising ethical questions about conflict of interest and impartiality.

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Laptop with secrets

A lost laptop and a confidentiality breach

Copying patient data onto a personal device can be fraught with danger, as one medical student finds out when she is caught up in a data breach.

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Hospital ward at night

Easing the pain of your first night shift

FY2 Dr Christine Bolton draws on her own experience for what to do to get through your first set of nights.

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Ethical dilemma: patients reselling prescription drugs

Most prescription drugs can only be legally supplied by a pharmacy, but the MDU has heard from doctors concerned that their patients may be selling prescribed drugs online. Dr Ellie Mein explains.

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If you feel out of your depth, don't be afraid to say so. Patient safety comes first.

In focus

Working within your capabilities

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is key to learning new skills, but always make sure you feel safe and supported at work, writes Dr Beverley Ward.

Consultation with a difficult patient

How to deal with an angry patient

Keep yourself, your patients and colleagues safe by learning how to stay in control and defuse a tense situation.

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Complaint letter

How to handle your first patient complaint

Complaints from patients are an unfortunate reality of medical practice, and happen to doctors at all levels of experience. Dr Ellie Mein explains the steps to take – and how the MDU can help.

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How do I respond to an adverse incident?

As a junior doctor, you might be called upon to write a statement following an adverse incident investigation. Dr Ellie Mein explains the process, step by step.

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