Under the current situation you may not be able to attend study groups or lectures, but that doesn’t mean your learning needs to come to a halt. We have a number of online resources to support your revision, prepare you for exams, and help grow your knowledge in these challenging times.

Many medical students may find their exams have been rescheduled and learning is now being carried out digitally. In this new virtual environment, we have a host of tools to help boost your productivity and support your learning. 

Synap logoLearn more in less time with Synap

An intelligent revision platform which uses content from Oxford University Press, and spaced repetition software to identify knowledge gaps and create a personalised study plan. We’ve partnered with Synap to provide MDU student members with access to the platform so they can: 

  • access a free chapter from each title in the series
  • pick a free title from the series for each year of study (12 month access)
  • purchase the series from Synap at an MDU exclusive rate of £15 per year.

Activate your free MDU voucher code for Synap.

The Synap team has also written an article about their favourite tech tools and how you can use these to help you study better at home or on campus.

Preparing for practice presentation: legal aspects of medical practice

For those of you entering practice shortly, it’s a challenging time. But we want you to feel prepared and help you understand the medico-legal considerations you might face when you join. 

This seminar, led by Dr Jerard Ross, explains what to consider when preparing for practice. The seminar touches on the concept of multiple jeopardy and addresses medico-legal issues doctors may face at some point in their careers. Specifically, Dr Ross discusses case studies and relevant GMC guidance in the following areas: social media, reporting convictions, end of life care and raising concerns.

Free practice questions to prep for the SJT

The SJTs are not scheduled until the end of the year, but it’s never too early to start preparing for this important exam. Try these practice questions from the MDU’s student journal archive:

Free e-learning on using social media as a medical professional

Whether you’re close to entering practice or still in training, it’s important to understand the common pitfalls of social media for medical professionals. Our e-learning course, social media for medical professionals, includes fictional scenarios, which doctors face, that are based on common queries and concerns we receive from members. It can help you to use social media in a way that will limit its damaging pitfalls and covers:

  • communication with patients and colleagues
  • marketing yourself using social media, and
  • relevant legal and ethical obligations.

Learn while you listen with MDU podcasts 

You might not be able to leave your home often, but for your infrequent trips to the shops, daily exercise, or while you’re cooking, our podcasts are perfect for extra learning. From episodes on consent during clinical examinations, to common questions around acute limb ischaemia, we’ve got a series of informative podcasts that you can access on the go. 

MDU podcasts

In one of our podcast episodes, ophthalmology trainee Dr Vidushi Golash and emergency medicine specialty trainee Dr Emma Cox talked to us about raising concerns within the workplace in order to create a fair and productive environment. You can listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or our website.

This page was correct at publication on 25/05/2020. Any guidance is intended as general guidance for members only. If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.