Q1) I've seen a patient a few times in clinic and we shared a lot of common interests. They sent me a friend request on Facebook. Should I:

a. accept their request and have a good look at their profile to see what else we have in common

b. accept their request, as it might seem rude to ignore it. But to maintain some sort of professional boundary I'll limit them from seeing most of my profile and activity

c. ignore the request. When I see them next I'll thank them but politely explain that I can't accept due to my professional obligations.

Q2) A patient I'm quite attracted to asked me out for a drink. The appropriate response would be:

a. to ascertain beforehand who will be paying, in the hope it avoids any awkward misunderstandings

b. accept, but make it clear that it would not be a date, as that would be unprofessional

c. thank them but politely decline, as you must maintain a strictly professional relationship.

Q3) An elderly patient with whom I've had several long conversations is really grateful for the time I've spent with her. By way of thanks, she's given me an envelope containing £100. I should:

a. thank her for her generosity, and tell her that while she really didn't have to, it's much appreciated and I'll spend it wisely

b. thank her but explain that I can't accept such a generous gift. If she insists on giving me something, I'll ask that she gets a box of chocolates for all the staff on the ward

c. take it, but make sure it's shared with the other members of the team that looked after her too.

Q4) My best friend has asked me to prescribe her some antibiotics as she has had a chesty cough for a couple of weeks and doesn't have time to get to her own GP. I should:

a. sympathise with her but impress upon her the importance of seeing an objective clinician so they can assess and treat her appropriately

b. explain that I can't prescribe them to her without having had a quick look at her and checking she has no allergies or contraindication to whatever I prescribe

c. write the prescription, as she sounds like she needs them and I want to be helpful.

Q5) I'm suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting but can't miss any more of my clinical attachment. The best thing to do would be:

a. go in to hospital while keeping my distance from patients in case I infect them, but stay close to the toilet facilities at all times

b. be aware that I may be infective to both patients and colleagues. Seek advice from my GP or the relevant Occupational Health department about how long I need to be clear of symptoms in order to safely return to a clinical environment

c. take something for it and soldier on.