Issue 17

Autumn 2020

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Autumn 2020

Issue 17, Autumn 2020

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Wearing a mask

What is it really like behind the mask?

Molly shares her experience working with patients as an interim foundation doctor (FiY1) and what it’s like communicating with empathy in a mask.

In focus


Why I decided to become... a sexual health consultant

Sexual health and HIV consultant Dr Andy Williams tells us how he found his NHS family and shares his advice for students interested in pursuing the specialty.


Confidentiality responsibilities to HIV positive patients

Patients expect their communication with doctors to be kept confidential. Dr Kathryn Leask explores medico-legal issues faced by medics when a patient’s condition is also a communicable disease such as HIV.

Ethical issues

Is it ok to share personal opinions on social media?

Social media is becoming more prevalent in the lives of medical professionals. Dr Sally Old shares tips on communicating online without falling foul of the rules.